Swap Obsessed?

This year is going by so quickly.  Seems like just yesterday I was tooting my #selfishsewing2015 horn and today I’m buried in swap sewing.  Yes, that’s right, I signed up for too many swaps.

“Hi, I’m Jaime (Hi Jaime!!) and I’m a recovering swap addict”

After claiming 2015 as my selfish sewing year, I signed up for 11 (oh yes, ELEVEN) swaps.  WTF was I thinking?  Not sure, they all seemed like great ideas at the time but I can tell you that I was buried this month and (I’m sad to say) mailing 2 weeks late on one of them.  Buuuuuut with 6 done (and delivered!), 4 in various end stages (ready to bind, mid-quilting) and one last, glorious swap to start, I’m nearing the end and just loving the swaps I received in return:

2015 Swaps!

Bitches Get Stitches – LOVE Meets F#$% Mini

F#$% Off  received from @traceyquilts

Sweet and Salty Easter

Alison Glass Pouch received from @saratyme26


Tula Pink Mini Quilt – La Passacaglia Tula

Tula Hexies received from @pinspots

Rainbow Mini Quilt – Rainbow’d Preppy

Rainbow Mini received from @marymoondesigns

Sewtopia Chicago Swap – Tula PS Tessa Basket

Amazing Hand Stitching Box Received

Spring Fling Mini Quilt

Alison Glass Feathers received from @sewtrudles

Nerds Craft it Better  – Shades of Beaker

Storm Trooper Mini received from @daral_the_girl

Sherlock Mini Quilt – ???? Mini


Surprisingly Okay received from @mischief_unmanaged

Gnome Swap – GNoel Mini


SLMQG Mini Swap – Periwinkle Mini

Alison Glass Mini Quilt – Glass Tissue Box

Whew!  That was a lot of sewing time for others!  I decided from here on out I’m going to Faux-ticipate in all the swaps that catch my eye.  Play along but make something for myself – saves on postage, right?  😉

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