Oh my, I’ve actually made some progress on my weekender bag!  I didn’t get it done in time for Vegas with the girls, but it WILL be done in time for our Oregon Coast trip!  I have to say that I think my new Juki has made ALL the difference in the ease of this process.  I do ❤ that machine!

Just about halfway there.  Just need to stitch the bag together and then the lining.  I’m getting excited and already planning Weekender #2!

I am SO excited.  Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday?  My Amy Butler Weekender Bag pattern!  

I know I’m kind of late to the party, but I look at it from this perspective: so many have gone before me so there are gazillions of tips/tricks and recommendations out there, which should make me less likely to 1) cuss like a sailor (hm, maybe not), 2) toss my machine across the room and out the window and 3) waste $$ and time then quit before it’s finished.  Wait, who am I kidding, I’m not a quitter!  1 & 2 for sure although I already curse like a sailor so I guess just 2.  Yes, “waiting” to attempt this pattern will surely save my machine.

I’ve got my pattern re-printed (so I don’t have to cut the original) and all of Amy’s corrections noted:

I’ve purchased the cording, scads of interfacing required and home dec fabric (though I’m still awaiting it’s delivery – c’MON Fed Ex!).  The last item that I need to acquire is the zipper.  I found one at Joann’s, but don’t want to buy it until my fabric arrives (so it can be matchy-matchy, yanno).  I’m physically & materially ready, but am I MENTALLY ready??  

I’ve decided to make the first bag using the peltex, even though most who have done it have complained bitterly about it.  I’m hoping the pattern mod which calls to cut it 1/2″ smaller than the rest of the pattern really will eliminate most of the bulk in the seams and make it easier to sew.  Then I think I will make a 2nd bag (bwahahaha) using the QAG method that Elizabeth of Oh Fransson documented.  I guess we’ll see how the first one goes, eh?

Here’s some eye candy of Those That Have Gone Before (in blog land).  These bags make me drool a little.