This is my 2nd year as a quilter in the Humility group and I Just. Love. It.  Next month is my month to choose the block layout for our do. Good Stitches charity group and its been rough.  I’ve had zero inspiration and have been searching and waffling, waffling and searching as I tried to decide what direction I was going.  Then I found this, the Delectable Mountain Quilt by Old Red Barn Co.  This is perfect!  Something simple and colorful and full of cheer.  Like me ūüėā

For each block: 

  1. Choose bright fabrics with good contrast. Press and starch the crap out of those babies. 
  2. Cut (2) 12.5″ squares from each fabric  
  3. Cut your squares in half, corner to corner then match each half with a contrasting fabric. 
  4. Sew the 2 triangles together, forming a ginormous HST. Trim to 12″
  5. Layer 2 HSTs, right sides together (RST), nesting seams: 
  6. Cut each block into (4) 3″ strips. Slicing the blocks RST allows for the mountains to form in opposite directions. Make sure not to skip this step! 
  7. Arrange the strips in mountain order and stitch together (using a 1/4″ seam)  

These blocks are addicting. I’ve already made 10?!? If everyone could make 4 blocks that would be awesome. They’re a quick sew. Please use the quilt from Red Barn Co as inspiration for the color theme and have fun! 


Oh I seriously looooooove the 80’s. ¬†Neon, hair bands, Aquanet! ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†When I saw the #80s90sCraftSwap, I knew I had to participate. ¬†I signed up, filled out my form and waited for my partner. ¬†Partner info arrived and guess what? ¬†SHE LOVED THE 80S TOO! ¬†And The Tetris Mini was born:


I did a google search, found an image that spoke to me and built a pattern from that. ¬†It’s an easy pattern, the tetris blocks themselves are built from as little as a charm square (5×5″) and 1/2 hard background fabric. ¬†I fell in love. ¬†I made two.


I had to finish one, like now (um, it was due to be mailed July 31st … oops) so I bound it, added a label and just couldn’t help adding some hand quilting (sort of a fortuitous mistake, really – I’d added negative space “blocks” during the quilting but when it was done you couldn’t really see them aaand I couldn’t have that .. could I?) and shipped her off. ¬†She is gone now, headed¬†to her new home and partner I hope you luuuuurve her too!





I know there are some of you out there that will love this like I do and want to make it. ¬†Maybe you don’t want to figure out the math, could be you’re too busy (or lazy – hey, no judgement! ¬†I’ve bought several patterns for the same reason!) or you’d just rather have it done for you? ¬†Do not despair, I’ve done it! ¬†Created my first (full) pattern! ¬†And it was related to the 80’s … anyone surprised? ¬†I doubt it.

Check it out here: JmzB – Tetris Mini