What to post, oh what to post?  I don’t want to waste lucky #13 on something drab and boring, I want it to be spectacular, awesome, full of the amazing.  So much pressure…

I suppose I will introduce the most recent additions to my Happy Sewing Family and blather on and on about all their glory 😉

#1 – my birthday was last week and although not planned as a birthday gift, coincidentally I purchased my brand new Juki TL-2010q.  I was initially looking at a Juki due to my foray into the Amy Butler Weekender bag.  I was sure none of my current machines would handle that baby.  As I continued to research, I realized all the other great benefits of the workhorse that is the Juki.  
I think my 2 favorite features (I can’t choose just one!) are first that when you stop sewing (lift you foot off the presser foot) you actually stop sewing.  The machine stops on a dime.  I don’t get those extra stitches past where I thought I’d stopped that you sometimes (read: ALWAYS) see on the computerized machines.  

My 2nd fav feature is the knee lift.  Oh. Me. Gee.  I had never used one before but it is a seamless addition (for me) and bursting with the awesome.  Imagine stopping (on a dime, mind you) and being able to lift the presser foot (up to 12mm) while adjusting the fabric, with both hands, at the same time!  It’s magical.

#2 – labor day was also last week(end) and that means sales.  Lots and lots of sales.  It’s no secret that I’ve wanted a long arm machine FORever.  I blogged about it here, describing my LAQ class experience and lust for a machine.  Wellllllll, they were on SALE last weekend!  36 months with zero interest to be precise and I bought one!  Not the top of the line, like I wanted, but rather the middle of the road, with some room to grow.  

Say hello to my new Tin Lizzie 18, LAQ machine!

I’m so excited about this baby that I just might pee my pants!  I got her with the Phoenix frame, which is the sturdier IMO and has room to grow, should I decide I need more throat.  I don’t yet have possession of this beauty but am told she will be delivered some time next week.  I can’t wait  *Swoon*